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Dahl / Lehr House : 1958 ?

1957 Rockwood Dr
Arden Oaks

Sparks and Thaden (from Plans) "House for Mrs and Mr Loren S Dahl"

Jon Siler spoke about designing this house with Sparks putting his "stamp" on the design. Rheostat designed to control hundreds of colored lights in the hallway. Mr. Siler has the electrical plans as well as interior and exterior photos.

Occupied for a period by Bankruptcy Judge Loren S. Dahl. Dahl's daughter, Candy is a lawyer and is married to Sacramento Columnist Ed Goldman. Dahl's son, Walter, is also a lawyer. Together they formed the law firm of Dahl & Dahl. Judge Dahl was married to Louana Edlo Siler (Jon's older sister).
( The Silers were from Corning, in Tehama County )

Also occupied by Kay Lehr? (I believe Jon Siler mentioned this) Lehr mentions her previous home was a Carter Sparks design :

"I had templates for all the furniture in my previous house so we figured out where it could all go. That house was contemporary - designed by Carter Sparks - and so was most of the furniture in it," said Lehr, who moved all her furniture classics into her newly remodeled home."
Sacramento Bee, 1993

DEMOLISHED circa 1994

Demolished for construction magnate C. C Myers' mansion, which Myers had to sell as part of his personal Bancruptcy proceedings. (Ah, the irony of demolishing a house designed for a Bankruptcy judge!) Still on the market, circa 2013 for 3.7mil. Put on the market a few years back for 10 mil.

Sparks designed house is Post 1957 / Pre 1962